Introducing the New FormCraft

I am happy to announce the first beta version of the new FormCraft – almost a month ahead of schedule. If you had signed up for beta access, you would have received an email by now.

If you didn’t signup, but would like to use the beta anyways, shoot me an email – nish at ncrafts dot net.


You will be able to install future update for new FormCraft and all its add-ons from your WordPress dashboard. No need to download and overwrite the files each time we come up with a new release.

Support For Add-Ons

You can extend the functionality of FormCraft with add-ons. You would be able to install, and configure all your add-ons on the form builder page itself. We are committed to making FormCraft a one-page app:

FormCraft Add-Ons

MailChimp and Campaign Monitor add-ons are available for download, free-of-cost. We will be launching the rest of the bundle soon 🙂

Different Shortcodes

With your old FormCraft, you would use this shortcode to embed the forms:

[formcraft id='1'][/formcraft]

With the new plugin, the shortcode would be:

[fc id='1'][/fc]

Please make the change on all the pages.

Dedicated Form Page

With the old FormCraft, the dedicated form page would be something like:

This has been simplified to:

Please update your links!

Imported Forms

For now, the old FormCraft, and the new one would co-exist. You would be able to access and edit both from your WordPress dashboard. All the forms in your old FormCraft will be automatically imported to the one:


These forms aren’t available for use right away. You need to edit each of these forms, and click on Save. You would also have to re-configure some of the settings and options.


I wrote a post last month asking people for their opinion on whether or not to charge for the new plugin. I have decided to keep the main plugin free for existing customers. Add-Ons, like Stripe, Multi-Page Forms, User Registration, etc .. will be available as paid add-ons.


I can’t stress enough on the importance of your feedback. You can reach me directly at nish at ncrafts dot net for any feedback / bugs. You can also post a comment below.

56 thoughts on “Introducing the New FormCraft”

  1. bn86 says:

    Wow… This is very exciting! I can’t wait to learn more about the addons! Stripe and user registration would be HUGE for me..!

    1. Nishant says:

      Working hard on the new add-ons. Will be launched soon. Looking forward to your feedback on the beta release.

  2. Lucas says:

    Nice! I hope someday it gets an Paypal addon! Good work!

    1. Nishant says:

      Yep, it’s on the roadmap. Will come soon.

  3. CreativePhotoBooths says:

    Excellent! Multi-page forms are so welcome! Cant wait to test the Beta! Great work Nishant in bringing this ahead of schedule.

    1. Nishant says:

      Looking forward to your feedback 🙂

      1. CreativePhotoBooths says:

        Looking good! Love the new layout. When do you anticipate multi-page forms will become available? Thanks

        1. Nishant says:

          It would take a month, or month-and-half.

  4. Vic says:

    Nice! Loving the whole makeover. Just installed it. Going to be playing with it today!

    1. Nishant says:

      Looking forward to your feedback!

  5. Vic says:

    Okay, im back! 🙂

    Made my first form, and I get a yellow box (no styling) around the form. Might it be a conflict with the Older FC? The forms on the Older FC dont do that.
    I made a page and added an old form and a new form.
    Heres a screenshot:

    Also, how can I make columns for fields?


    1. Nishant says:

      Are you copy-pasting the shortcode? That could be it. Try typing it. Else, give me a link to the page.

      For columns, you would see the option to set field width. Set the width of 2 fields to 50% each, and they would side-by-side. You can use any %. You can set it to 10% and have 10 fields in one row.

      1. Vic says:

        That worked perfectly! haha Thank you so much

        For the columns I did this
        50% 50% in a 700px Form width

        and I get this:

        1. Nishant says:

          Do you have a link?

          1. Nishant says:

            Will fix this in the next update (a day or two). Till then, add this to Styling -> General -> Custom CSS:

            html .formcraft-css .fc_form.frame-hidden .form-element .form-element-html
            padding: 0 0 1.5em 1.5em;

          2. Vic says:

            Now that form doesnt load in WP admin. all the other one that were imported do though. :X

          3. Nishant says:

            Reach me directly at nish at ncrafts dot net. I’ll need temp WP access, and form ID.

          4. Vic says:

            Sent you an email. Thanks again for your help

  6. Wud says:

    and exploring!
    (I Formcraft…)

  7. Wayne says:

    Snag list sent. ..will forward the next batch of snags once I have some time.

    Keep up the good work


    1. Nishant says:

      Going through your list. Lots of changes coming up 🙂

  8. Emil says:

    Would it be possible to add the following code to the export csv-files?

    It would be helpful, since you otherwise need to add it manually to every export for it to be presented as it should.

    All the best!

    1. Nishant says:

      Thanks for letting me know about this. I had some other users complain about this issue. I couldn’t have guessed it was owing to a regional setting on Windows 🙂 Will look for a permanent fix. Till then, assuming you are using the FormCraft Beta, edit the file formcraft-main.php and find the line:

      print $result;

      Replace this with:

      print “sep=,”.$result;

  9. Aaron Roberts says:

    Would be great if we could have the option to export to PDF (y)! I used to use JotForm and that feature was great… also an option to embed certain form submissions within a web page (in this case the webpage would be hidden but I don’t want to give employees access to the form setting page in wordpress.

    What I mean by this, is basically that we can say something like: [fcsumissions id:1] or something you know? That way if we collect data from our submissions, we can view it without having to download the submission or have it emailed. Would be great as well if we could choose how the forms are displayed (e.g. instead of the form title we could tell that page to show [First Name] [Last Name] on the list of submissions as this makes it a lot easier to find a specific submission.

    We are basically using FormCraft to collect data for applications and would be nice to have it all neatly accessible at any time in one place!

    Alsoooo, if there was any way to get these submissions to post to http.. that would be absolutely incredible as we could integrate this with ANY service that accepts this (forgive me if this is already a functionality but I’m not sure it is). Post to HTTP would be epic this and also the ability to export this data to Google Docs would be amazing!

    Lots to think about, please let me know if you will consider any of these as I will be dying to get on board with those!

    1. Nishant says:

      Lots of people have requested these features. This is why we are re-building FormCraft 🙂

      1. We will be working on the PDF add-on for FormCraft soon. It’s high on our to-do list. Do you want to export forms individually to PDFs, or as a tabular list, like you would with a spreadsheet?
      2. We have plans for a plugin which shows front-end form data. This would take some time, though.
      3. The new FormCraft has the post feature. You can POST the form data to any URL.
      4. Automatically updating the Google Drive spreadsheet is also on our to-do list.

      You can add your email here to get updated when we launch these add-ons:

      1. Aaron Roberts says:

        Hi Nishant!

        Thanks for the reply! I think both would be a great option. I mean.. for us it would be nice to maybe scroll down the list of submissions and simply download a single PDF of the data for that one submission but I can also see the benefit of doing a monthly download and almost using it as a PDF database.

        Hate to say it but I tried to submit my e-mail in the form.. sadly wasn’t playing along.. Submit button seems a little dead.

        1. Nishant says:


          Check the form now. Was doing some testing 🙂

          I was talking to some other customers about an add-on which would allow you to send PDFs of submissions to users who fill up the form.

          In your scenario, would you simply want the form content in the PDF, or the company logo as well?

          1. Aaron Roberts says:

            Well for me at this moment, the logo wouldn’t be important but at the same time, it wouldn’t hurt to have it as I am sure there are many other people that would benefit from the feature.

            Also, something else that popped into my mind (and would actually complete my transition from JotForm) is to add “code” to the e-mail that is not formatted.

            The reason for this, we create profile pages that our agents enter into a new post simply as HTML. At the present time, we use JotForm because it allows us to enter html code without it being actually actioned in the e-mail.

            I’ll explain: We add the customer to our system, e.g. Height, measurements and other variables but the page is in the same format so we basically create the whole page format and copy / paste the code replacing the values with [weight] etc so for example it might look something like this:


            And when this is copied and pasted into the new post, it’s pre-formatted and can literally be a whole page construction in a second as opposed to creating each page manually or cloning existing data.

            I tried the usual ways to trying to get it to ignore but that doesn’t seem to work..

            Sorry to throw a whole bunch of things to you but I’m hoping you can add a rule into the e-mail submissions / autoresponders that will allow for the ignoring of code between certain points.

          2. Nishant says:

            This is how it works in the new FormCraft. Any html you submit using the form will appear as text in emails / submission viewer. Like this:

            Hello <strong>Jack</strong>,
            We have received your <em>message</em> ...

            However, when you use Form To Post, the post will execute / apply the HTML:

            Hello Jack,
            We have received your message ...
          3. Aaron Roberts says:

            I see that this form actually removed the html, just so you know, the example that I included was a simple 2 column table but the HTML was removed (understandable)

          4. Aaron Roberts says:

            Hi Nishant,

            Was wondering if you could add another feature (sorry if this has been mentioned already).

            Conditional E-mails = Basically, to send a DIFFERENT e-mail depending on the conditions of the form.

            This should be an option for both Auto Responses and Submissions.

            The idea behind this is that if someone selects an option that says, “request payment information” for example… they will receive an e-mail with details of how to make a payment but if that option isn’t selected during the submission, the normal e-mail is sent as a “thank you we have your info…” sort of thing..

            Does this make sense?

          5. Nishant says:

            Not directly, but this can be done. We added a feature where you can use conditional logic to set the value of other fields, based on conditions. So, you can have a hidden field, called Conditional Text. You can add this field to the autoresponder.
            Then you can use conditional logic to change the content of this Conditional Text field, based on conditions, which would then be shown in autoresponder emails.

  10. Eddie Appell says:

    Loving the new version, thanks Nishant! One thing I need to do is add a form to a template. I’ve tried both the old format:

    And the new (suggested by the updated shortcode):

    But neither works for me. I get a “Fatal error: Call to undefined function fc() in …” error. How should we use the new forms in a template?

    Thanks again!

    1. Eddie Appell says:

      Oops, my code didn’t make it… I had put in formcraft(1);, and fc(1);.

      1. Nishant says:

        Just confirming. The issue is resolved? If not, reach me at nish at ncrafts dot net. Will look into it.

  11. Steve says:

    Will there be support for precanned form fields (including blocks like complete address)?

    1. Nishant says:


      Not this, but we have added support for input masks, which allows having fields specific for telephone numbers, social security, PIN, etc …

  12. Sebastian Buzar says:

    are you planning to implement in the upcoming version fields that could “hint” (something like the hint list that appears when you are typing in the search box on the answer based on the prepared database-list by the user? In example there is the field “address” and when typing “Rock” in it beneath the field appears a dropdown with hinted streets “Rockwell Street; Rockefeller Street” and so on, all based on a written list of streets separated by commas (?) that would be included in the option field on the backends side.


    1. Nishant says:

      This won’t be possible by default. FormCraft 3.0 allows making add-ons, so I would consider making an add-on for this sometime in the future.

      1. Sebastian Buzar says:

        Glad to hear that you are considering it as it would be a neat feature.
        Anyway, I just got the link to the beta (thank you!) and so far it’s all nice and shiny, however I would really appreciate if there would be an option in the date-picker field to exclude Saturdays and Sundays from being picked. I’m using it for the delivery date and well, our office doesn’t work during the weekend, so in this case it’s problematic.

        1. Sebastian Buzar says:

          Also, the “Required Field” option is missing in the file upload field.

          1. Nishant says:

            Just set the min files to 1

        2. Nishant says:


          Will add this.

  13. Sebastian Buzar says:


    after spending some time with the beta I can submit my list of propositions for your consideration:

    1. E-mail SMTP method doesn’t work – tested with Gmail and private hosting (well, maybe I’m doing something wrong) – Gmail alerted me about and unauthorized access and prevented it
    2. E-mail PHP method: ability to choose encoding (utf-8) as I’m getting garbage signs with Polish words (maybe I need to configure something on the server side?)
    3. When duplicating a field please place it under the currently selected field as dragging it above a bunch of fields is tedious (maybe add an option to the field for a custom order based on the ID)
    4. It would be great I you could assign a colour (hexadecimal) do the Headings or an option do add a custom CSS class to the field and do it yourself with a stylesheet
    5. Upload: add and option to restrict maximum file size
    6. Upload: show an error message when the file type/size/number of files/etc. is incorrect
    7. Slider field: the minimum set value should be preselected, right now it’s not intuitive as users have to manually set to 1 even when the slider points to 1
    8. Submission list: a flag system for better management: a dropdown button or simple icons that would highlight the submission row with a colour (green: completed; red: denied; yellow: on hold/problems) or alternatively add just a green “done button/icon” to the row
    9. Submission content: option to automatically hide blank fields would be appreciated (clicking it every single time is tiresome)
    10. Submission content: option to determine which value should be parsed to the submission content page from the form: for example, I have: 45==Photographic paper; 45 stands for 45$ and Photographic paper is self-explanatory – In this case the 45 value is calculated by math logic down the form, however the “Photographic paper” is more relevant in this aspect and should be retrieved by the submission content page, but I get something like this: “Paper: 45” which is confusing.
    11. Submission content: ability to exclude some forms from showing up in the submission content page. I have some fields that show the calculated VAT sum, but it is only for the user information and therefore it only clutters the submission content page space
    12. Date-picker field: exclude Saturdays and Sundays
    13. Submission list: add columns based on fields for easier filtration and management (e.g. sort by e-mail or name/surname)
    14. Weird bugs: sometime fields cease to function properly, only deleting the field and creating a new one from scratch with exact same settings helps. For example I had to delete the faulty Name and Surname label (One line input) because when it was present I couldn’t submit the form (the spinning wheel on the submit button works for a while and that was it), the other time a dropdown field with values (45==something) wouldn’t calculate – it was hooked to a field with a math logic, but all of a sudden, the field with the logic wouldn’t retrieve the data from it, once again I had to delete it and create a new one from scratch.
    15. Date-picker bug on hover (maybe there is a CSS conflict with my theme – WordPress Twenty Fifteen) illustrated below:


    1. Nishant says:

      Firstly, thanks for taking the time to review the plugin, and give your feedback.

      1. Which host and port are you using? With SSL or TLS?

      2. This is odd. Please reach me at nish at ncrafts dot net with temp WP access. Will look into this. I have tested this with utf-8 other chars, and it worked fine.

      3. This was fixed in the last update.

      4. The last update added a Guide to Using Custom CSS. Try this.

      5. Will add this

      6. This too

      7. Will do

      8. Interesting. Will consider this for the roadmap.

      9. You do have an option to hide Empty Fields from view in the Submissions tab. You don’t have to re-click this field as you view other submissions.

      10. Will add the ability to toggle this

      11. If this is a text field, you set the value empty. Then when you toggle Hide Empty Fields, this won’t show up.

      12. Added this in the last update

      13. This is tricky because forms may have more than one email, name, or may not have them at all. What if the label of Email is changed to E-mail?

      14. If you run into this issue again, give me a link to the form. Will have a look.

      15. Please give me a link to the form.

  14. Aaron Roberts says:

    Hi Nishant,

    Why is it that I cannot find the “Form to Post” option? I can see it listed in the “Help” menu with instructions but I honestly cannot find the option anywhere within FormCraft.

    1. Nishant says:

      I believe this is about FormCraft 3? This functionality isn’t a part of the core plugin now. It is sold separately as a plugin:

      1. Aaron Roberts says:

        Ahh that’s a real bummer.. and for $39 also.. I just seen it listed. It’s not a good idea to take away a feature and make it paid. That’s really disappointing. This literally makes me stick with FormCraft v2

  15. Joseph says:


    Is there any way to import the forms from Formcraft basic to premium? Also the submit button doesn’t seem to work in our theme. Is there any way to fix this?


    1. Nishant says:


      Try the regular exporting from basic, and then importing to Premium. Should work. For the latter, please raise a ticket:

  16. Hi Nishant,

    just bought your script. Fantastic!

    Do you offer the multipage addon in the standalone php version? Could find it only in the wordpress version.

    Best regards

    1. Nishant says:

      Sorry, but we don’t have the add-ons available for the PHP version.

      1. ok thanks. Do you think we can do this by ourselfes when we fit the multipage wordpress addon to the php version? Or is it difficult to implement? Just want to know what you think.

  17. Mark Pratley says:

    Hi, I love the clean look and functionality haoevser there is one glaring bug. I CANNOT get the SMTP settings so work no matter what I try.

    Im forced to use the php method and my clients are losing emails. Please look into this and provide some sort of solution.

    Im willing to give you access the WP back end if you need to have a look.

  18. Kieryn says:

    Hi guys,

    I would like to buy the stripe form but was wondering if it is possible to add a ‘accept terms and conditions checkbox’ that people must tick to proceed with payment? Is this a function that is built into the stripe form plugin (or can be easily integrated)?

    Many thanks

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