Re-Building FormCraft for WordPress

FormCraft for WordPress was first released in August, 2013 – it’s been over one-year-and-half since. I launched FormCraft 2.0 in June, 2014. It introduced new features, but it wasn’t path-breaking.

I started work on FormCraft 3.0 a few weeks back. To be honest, it isn’t fair to call it 3.0, since I am re-building FormCraft from a scratch.


Why Re-Build, and Not Update?

The vision I have for FormCraft 3.0 doesn’t fit in as an update. Is too different from the existing FormCraft. I would have to compromise on features because of compatibility.

So My Forms Are Useless Now?

We certainly wouldn’t want that! I am also working on an import utility which will allow users to import forms to the new FormCraft 3.0. However, since they are radically different platforms, you would have to re-configure the add-ons and settings after importing.


Things I Am Excited About

  1. Gorgeous Forms

    This has always been the #1 priority. The new forms will look even more sexy.

  2. A New Drag-And-Drop Editor

    Intuitive, and fast

  3. Multi-Page Forms

  4. Payments Gateway Support

    Stripe, and PayPal for now

  5. Extendable

    FormCraft 3.0 will allow a lot of customisability. You can integrate it with your app, or write plugins for the platform.

  6. Lightweight

    The forms will be very light and fast. Every byte counts. I am leaving no stones un-turned on this.

  7. Tons of Features

    Form-to-post, auto-fill users data, save-form data, signup-forms, login-forms – you name it!


Things I Am Not Sure About

Should This Be a Paid Upgrade?

Since FormCraft 3.0 will take a lot of effort and is a new platform, it makes sense to go this way. However, it would also be unfair to existing FormCraft users, specially to those who bought the plugin recently. I am leaning towards a free upgrade. What are your thoughts?

Edit: I have decided to keep the update free. Some of the new functionality, like payment forms, multi-page forms would be available as paid add-ons.


When Will It Be Released?

I am focusing solely on developing FormCraft 3.0 now. I don’t have a planned release date, but I would expect to launch it in 1.5 – 2.5 months.

I have some screenshots on how things *might* look like:



Want To Try This Beforehand?

If you would like to beta-test the plugin ahead of release, you can add your email here. You can post your suggestions for the new plugin as a comment below, or fill this form



If you have any questions, or concerns, please post a comment below. Thanks!

39 thoughts on “Re-Building FormCraft for WordPress”

  1. Roger W. says:

    Should This Be a Paid Upgrade? With all that work into it? I would say that it should. Perhaps a 1/2 off upgrade woulf be fair. Thoughts?

    1. Nishant says:

      A discounted upgrade sounds good. Thanks for the idea.

  2. Jon says:

    DEFINITELY a free upgrade – I’ve purchased a few licenses for your forms, and while I do very much enjoy using your plugin, I certainly wouldn’t purchase any more licenses if new revisions required new purchases…

    Thanks for the update – looking forward to seeing the new version.

    1. Nishant says:

      Thanks for the feedback. Would certainly consider it 🙂

  3. Vic Nunez says:

    For this question: Should This Be a Paid Upgrade?
    I think existing users with a license should have a free upgrade.

    As for new users, i think there should be a license verification process. Well maybe integrated with old users too? Not sure how that would work though. haha

    Also, maybe not in the scope, but would it be more visually customizablle? Colors wise? More color options on selected fields, or color buttons?

    I’m excited for the future of FormCraft!! 🙂

    1. Nishant says:

      Yes, I am working on a color theme feature. So, you can select a simple color, and we would give your form a theme based on that color. Super easy stuff.

      If you want to customize the colors individually, that would be possible too!

      1. Lagi says:

        I would suggest a donations page for previous users.
        You will be surprised at the honesty of most people and what you can do for those who donate say $10 minimum they get they form converter.

        I think minimum donation should be set to $5 any less they shouldn’t be on the Internet

  4. Wayne says:

    Rather than call it v3, why not re-brand it as “Formcraft Pro for WordPress”. This would maintain the brand and suggest a more professional approach for the script and maybe pull in those who were unsure where this product sits.

    A complete re-write and the effort put in deserves a new polished branded name too. I would also agree with the free upgrade for current customers, and agree with Vic above; add a licence verification.

    Good luck


    1. Nishant says:

      Yes, I was unsure about using FormCraft 3.0. Simply re-branding it makes more sense. Thanks for the idea.

  5. Herby says:


    While I personally think FormCraft is perfectly fine as it is, of course we would be interested to see what the improvements are. Speed is always good.

    If you build more integrations into the forms, for example, that would certainly interest us. A bit of effort on your part to integrate with Zapier, will open up FormCraft to hundreds of integrations. I would then have no hesitation in paying an upgrade fee.

    Good luck with the project.



    1. Nishant says:

      We will be adding more integrations, and Zapier is definitely on that list 🙂

  6. Farl says:

    Nice to see how motivated you are about Formcraft. I really enjoy your plugin (although I am using your PHP-version much more). I can understand you wat to get paid for al this work. I am willing to pay more, but not so much. And it would be nice to have a business license which I can use on multiple sites. I don’t like paying every month. It is hard to calculate it with my customers, who are paying a one-time fee to build their websites. Please a single license payment.

    1. Nishant says:

      Yes, we will introduce an unlimited-site license as well 🙂

  7. sitodemmers says:

    Why not choose for the option introducing of FormCraft Pro 3 , and keep updating FormCraft 2?


    1. Nishant says:

      I think this would cause some confusion, and a conflict of branding.

  8. Samir says:

    Nesta versão, vai haver alguma forma de validar(comparar) e-mails?

    1. Nishant says:

      Sim, eu sou considerar este recurso, bem 🙂

  9. Satvinder Singh says:

    Hi, I recently purchased Formcraft 2.0. I would be disappointed if I had to pay for an upgrade in full. Features I would like to see. Progress bars, a lot more templates/examples, showcase field, more features back end. Look forward to the new formcraft.

    1. Nishant says:

      I understand your concern. We will introduce more templates, and features.

  10. James says:

    My take on pricing is a bit different. You want to keep your current audience while attracting others as well right? Make it free to existing users, full price to new users but.. as you mentioned 3.0 will be extendable, create specialized extensions that will appeal to many and charge for those as well.

    1. Nishant says:

      That’s a good idea – one of the first I considered. The problem is that making the plugin too extendable, i.e. including support for payment gateways like Stripe, would also mean compromising on the UI. I want Stripe integration to be a regular field in the form, a seamless part of the form builder interface, and not an ‘add-on’ which has to be configured on a separate page.

      This is the reason why I dropped the idea of charging for important extensions, and instead planned to include them in the core itself. But I’ll think about this more. Interesting take.

  11. Eric says:

    I agree with the suggestion that you rebrand the new platform as FormCraft Pro. Based on your description of what the new version will include, I also believe you should charge a fee (around $50 for a single site and maybe $149 for unlimited sites) for the Pro version. You could offer current users a 50% discount if they want to upgrade to the Pro version.

    If you call it FormCraft Pro, you would want to make sure you clearly show what features are included in the new version (compared to FormCraft 2.0). Maybe you create a chart with check marks in the appropriate columns to show which features are available in both versions and which features are only available in the Pro version. Some users may not need the new/additional features, and they should be encouraged to use 2.0. Other users that seek the new/additional features would be able to see the value they would be getting for the additional fee.

    Your plugin is great, and it definitely delivers value for those of us that have learned how to use it. Your hard work deserves to be rewarded (and encouraged further), so you should definitely charge for the new version (no matter what you decide to call it.) For those that argue against paying a fee for such a valuable plugin, they need to understand that progress requires investment. We, the users, should be willing to invest in the new plugin, and the revenues you receive for all of your hard work will encourage you to continue to develop more features or improved UI, etc.

    If you do not charge a fee, your interest in continuing to support and develop this plugin could fade (since there would not be any reward for all of your efforts), and the plugin could end up dying a slow death due to a lack of updates or upkeep.

    If you are taking suggestions for additional features to include in the new version, I would suggest that you include additional options that will allow the user to design the reports that will be produced when the results (submissions) are exported. I have 84 forms that I have created with FormCraft, and I export the results every month and need to create reports based on the results. I would certainly be willing to pay if there was a way to streamline that process every month!

    1. Nishant says:

      You raise some good points.

      Can you elaborate on the part about reports? Currently you can export all data to CSV. With the next platform, you would have the option to auto-sync this data to a Google Spreadsheet.

      1. Wayne says:

        On reflection I agree eric, but it would be great to export to any cloud, (Dropbox, etc) or personal drive.


  12. ceo says:

    It looks perfect one.
    Just few things i would recommand as a must :

    1/ Possibility to add some items from woocommerce to be bought in the form as a result of questions or as a selection in questions forms.

    2/ Gather answers to make them appear when we want (A1 : I ; A2: WANT; A3: THIS A4 NEW FORM) end form result => I WANT THIS FORM

    3/ When you show an element. & go on a step when you don’t show it, but not specified to hide it, then don’t hide it automatic, it f*** the previous answers…

    Regards !

    1. Nishant says:

      1. FormCraft would have in-built support for Stripe and PayPal, so you wouldn’t really need WC to facilitate a sale.

      2. Ok, will consider this one

      3. Yep, noted this.

  13. Eddie says:

    The 3.0 release sounds awesome. I just purchased 2.0 two days ago, so I’m definitely in favor of a free upgrade. In fact, I haven’t even created my first form yet… Which brings up another question – should I start creating forms in 2.0? I’m building a site for a client that is scheduled to launch in about 6 weeks, so waiting for the new version to be officially released wouldn’t work. I know you said you’re working on a way to import old forms into the new system, but I’d prefer to build them from scratch in the new system. I guess I’ll have to make a choice, or get on the beta… 😉

    Thanks for continuing to improve the product!

    1. Nishant says:

      You can signup for the beta, but I would recommend that you continue building the form with 2.0. The next platform could take some time – a few months for a stable release.

  14. Henrik says:

    I support to pay for an upgrade, an upgrade price. Support the idea calling it Pro-version.

    Could you make it possible replying emails directly from the WP admin panel? A very nice and needed feature for restaurant use.

    Thanks for a great stabil and rocksolid plugin!


  15. Ro says:

    Yeah, just from the perspective of someone who was sold a product to include future updates I’d consider a deeply discounted update but since there have been no updates on this since I purchased it I’m not sure why I should be brought back to the cash register again.

    Your choice to do a large update all at once rather than slowly over time does not change the fact that you sold a bill of goods and now wish to change that.

    Also, of the many plug-ins I own this has been about the most poorly supported.

    I like the way your form looks but it did not work as demonstrated out of the box. If you sell a product as, “future updates included,” then you should consider standing by your promises. I don’t suppose gravity forms or any of your competitors have made a sales promise and then later changed their mind.

    1. Nishant says:

      The new platform isn’t an update. Windows 10 wasn’t an update to Vista. With Gravity Forms and other plugins, you get 6 months of updates, even if those are ‘minor’ updates. Post that, you need another license for updates. With FormCraft, as it stands, people get access to updates irrespective of the time.

      I do agree that it would be unfair to not give a deep discount, specially to those who bought the plugin in the past 6 months.

      1. Ro says:

        Sounds like you’ve already made your decision.

        Still, in the case of your competitors, and Windows vs. your proposal, a promise is a promise. Your word is your word. Whether or not that has value is up to you.

        1. Nishant says:

          I am leaning towards launching the new version as a free update. Some of the new features (Payments Add-On, Multi Page Forms) will be available separately.

  16. I love your form builder and support has been awesome!

    It would be great if you would offer your plugin in a developer or multi license pack. I would use it a lot more. Your forms are nicer looking.

    I have over 100 clients and I use Visual Form Builder Pro on most of their sites because I don’t have to buy a license for every site.

    1. Nishant says:

      Yes, an unlimited site license is definitely on the list!

  17. office says:

    Hi Nishant,

    I’m in the position where I bought the plugin only a few weeks ago, but I would be happy to pay a little extra for the upgrade. I am happy to reward people for their efforts if they have done good work. But I can’t say that everyone would feel the same if they recently purchased… I see a lot of people complaining that they have to pay anything for plugins 🙂

  18. Michael says:

    We use Square to take payments online. Integration with Square would be awesome!!!

  19. Valli says:

    Hi Nishant,

    I would like to start with by saying; Very good product! I am very impressed by this new approach and i am looking forward to the finished product!

    Now, to my problem; i am trying to set up a project based auction site, so called, freelancer website where people can register a project they need to be done and people can then bid on them, lowest bid wins. The thing is that, all the plugins and themes i have been looking into aren´t impressing me and more often lack some features that are very important to me, so i ether have to settle for a plugin or a theme that gets me half way there or ask someone for help, which brings me to you.
    I see hope in this form builder and allot of freedom if it becomes what i hope it will become. So i was wondering if the Formbuilder 3.0 (really like the name Formbuilder pro), could do the following;
    Allow people to register a auction in the front end that would essentially just be a post with a generated form and people could bid on that auction through the generated form? This form would have to be able to get user data to display along side the auction for people to view (who created it and who have bid on it), user ratings and so on (could actually link this plugin to plugin like UserPro – or actually allow for creating a user templates/forms that users can view and change, that would allow for greater interactions if there would be need to create forms where user data would be needed (but as i am not a programmer, i am probably just sounding silly).
    The forms/post would then have to be destructible by users, that is, if the auction is done and the user would want to delete the post, i could include that option in the form that was created in that post when the auction was made?
    And as there would be a need to display these auctions on the main page, would it be possible to make a form that would display the auctions and allow people to quick bid on them, so essentially, get data from another form and display it and manipulate how it is displayed (for example; get a featured picture and so on) and add buttons / options for the user to select (view, quick bid and so on).
    So, i know there are allot of logistics there but, could this be done in an “easy way”, possibly by a general template that could just be tweaked for individual needs?

    Anyway, this is probably starting to sound very complicated and probably not what this is all about but i still thought i´d ask, like i said, i have allot of hope for Formbuilder 3.0, maybe i am being unrealistic 😛

    Thank you anyway for reading! 🙂

    1. Nishant says:

      You are looking for a complex auction system, which is well beyond the scope of a form builder. FormCraft, or any other form builder, wouldn’t be of much help here.

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