Integrating a Payment Gateway with FormCraft

FormCraft for WP recently saw its first major upgrade this month. This would come as a surprise since I mentioned before that FormCraft WP is not in active development anymore. This update was long overdue – it fixed a number of pain points, and introduced new features – math logic being one of them.

The most popular request now remains the integration of a payment gateway – PayPal mostly. I am working on integration Stripe with This is exciting – you would be able to add a credit field with a click. Imagine allowing your users to purchase and pay for something with just one small form – no redirects, no shopping cart, no signups.


Why Integrate Stripe with, and not FormCraft for WP?
The issues I mentioned about developing for WP remain true – it is not the best platform for a scalable application.

Why Stripe, and not PayPal?
User experience is the most critical part of FormCrafts. PayPal has more users than Stripe, but we chose Stripe first because it gives us the freedom to develop a significantly better workflow. The normal flow of a form is: you fill the fields, hit Submit, wait a second, and get the success message. With Stripe, we are able to replicate the exact workflow. Your form will have an additional field – asking for credit card details, but the workflow remains the same: fill the fields, including credit card details, hit Submit, wait, see the success message. There are no redirects! I wish PayPal would allow this.

If you are interested in trying out our Stripe integration, or have any suggestions, please write to us at nish at ncrafts dot net.

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