Where to Find the Purchase Code of Items

  1. Login to CodeCanyon, and click on the Downloads tab. Here, you can see a list of all plugins you have purchased.
    purchase code 2
  2. Open the file and look for the purchase code
    purchase code

4 thoughts on “Where to Find the Purchase Code of Items”

  1. Dan Raine says:

    My key can’t be verified


    1. nishant says:


      Please use our support forum to create a topic:

      Edit: Sorry, didn’t think that through. Your key is valid, but your support period has expired. I’m afraid we can only provide support till 6 months after purchase.

  2. Lee says:

    Hi Guys – Its great the above states what account it was bought under and what the item purchase code was but when you have 5 copies of the same plugin you want to know what site each item purchase code is linked to..

    When the person activates and verify’s it on the site you need to be able to see what domain it’s linked to…So you don’t make the mistake of using the wrong one – I love the plugin that you guys have created and it’s an excellent plugin..

    The only thing that lets you down is the 48 hour wait for a response! That completely destroys the fast turnaround on sites when a plugin doesn’t work or slightly needs tweaking that I have bought.

    If you can look into adding this into the text files under the licence or even send an email out to the site it’s linked in for my own records that would be great.

    I will continue to buy your plugin and support nCrafts for all my sites but would just need to know which paid plugin I have bought for what site I am using it on..


    Lee Adams
    Design Director
    Zapptaa New Media Design

    1. Nishant says:

      Unfortunately, the license keys are issued by the marketplace, so we have no control over those text files. However, this is a good suggestion. I will build a My Account section on the new FormCraft site where you would be able to see which site each of your license keys is linked to.

      Apologies for the delayed support turnaround. We are working at full pace on the revamped FormCraft, the dozens of add-ons which will be bundled with it, and a dedicated site.

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