The Future of FormCrafts

WordPress plugins are a great platform, but it’s not suited for large, scalable applications. When I started building nForms, I didn’t realise any of these limitations. Building FormCraft, I started hitting impediments.

I started spending a lot of time in fixing compatibility issues, dealing with poorly coded themes, providing backward compatibility, and making the plugin work across WordPress versions, PHP versions, PHP settings, web servers, jQuery versions etc … I realised that the time I spent developing the plugin became less. Too many things to fix. Needless to say, there are performance issues as well. It’s sad to see customers suffer. It’s time to move on.


So, I am working on a hosted solution to FormCraft. I have booked the domain Excited! The development is in full swing. The hosted application is being built from ground up, with scalability and performance in mind. These are the main changes you will see, vis a vis the self-hosted FormCraft

  1. Scalable
    It is being built from ground up with scalability and performance in mind. The form builder, as well as the user-facing forms, will be multiple times faster, smoother, and lighted.
  2. User Interface
    The UI of the form builder is completely changed. It looks less bloated, and has more options. Navigating around the panel, and tweaking settings is easier. The forms also get a facelift – more symmetry, better design.
    You will get a very powerful and intuitive dashboard. Powerful search – type in email: @gmail in the search box to return all submissions where the email field contains @gmail. 
  3. Features
    This will have all the oft-asked for features – multi page forms, intricate conditional logic, conditional email notifications, notification templating, more options to configure field. Some unused features will be removed.
  4. Easy to Integrate
    Trust me – signing up, building a form, and using it on your WordPress, or non-WordPress site will be easier than installing the plugin and building and using the form.
  5. Emails
    A lot of customers have trouble dealing with email notifications. It’s not recommeded to use a shared hosting server for sending email notifications. The web hosts are not very open to users sending emails using scripts. With the hosted solution, you don’t have to worry about any of this!
  6. Analytics
    More useful data!

But there is so much more. I’ll add it later here. Gotta build it first!

8 thoughts on “The Future of FormCrafts”

  1. Valerie Adler says:

    Hey! Looking for a way to be in touch with you – sorry to ask this question here… I’m bowled over by your nForms for WordPress Plugin, but then discovered FormCraft. Am I right in thinking that FormCraft does everything that nForms does, and then quite a lot more?

    I’m looking to buy and get started today, so I’d love to hear from you! Also, what support is available should I find I can’t get it to work?

    Many thanks,


    1. NishantAgrawal says:


      Yes, FormCraft does everything which nForms does. It has more features, and is still faster. If you run into any troubles, you can contact me using the form on my profile page on CodeCanyon, or use the Support tab on the item’s page on CodeCanyon 🙂

  2. in4fun says:

    While I like your plans about a form service it has serious limitations for my country.
    I can’t use this service for my business since by law customer data is not allowed to be transmitted and stored to servers outside the EU. Even using this comment service (disqus) on my business site would be illegal in my country since all comments are stored in the US – and we all know what happens with our data once it gets to the US 🙂
    So I’m hoping you continue to develop & support the standalone version of your fantastic program for those of us who want to use this for a business in the EU.

    1. NishantAgrawal says:


      I have noted your concerns. I read a bit about the regulations, and it seems that data can be stored in US-based servers, provided certain security measures are taken. I’ll have a better look at this later on. It’s definitely on the list 🙂 Thanks for letting me know!

  3. MetMarc says:

    I gotta say this is an unpleasant surprise for me. Just today I bought FormCraft, the WordPress plugin, as I was very much wowed by all the features and promissing words on ThemeForrest.

    To be honest, after playing around with it for a few hours I am still positive about my purchase, however, when testing my first form it turned out no email notifications are being sent. Looking for an sollution for that problem I accidentally came here, only to read this post, essentially telling me the FormCraft plugin is not so great after all… :-/

    Now offcourse I am confident my email problem will soon be fixed, but even then I am still not very happy with this.

    I chose FormCraft over a subription based solution, because I prefer to own my tools instead of having recurring costs each month. I am guessing the hosted solution wil be subscription based…?

    Also I now feel like I invested in a ‘dead’ product. Will there be any form of ‘upgrade discount’ for (recent) byers of the plugin?

    1. NishantAgrawal says:

      Not receiving emails is probably the most common issue 🙁
      Please get in touch with me using the form on my profile page on CodeCanyon, with temp WP access. I can look into this.

      Yes, the hosted solution will be subscription based. However, the first tier will be free. The new FormCrafts will be out in public beta in March itself, or early April. While in beta, it will be completely free. When the paid plans are out, there will be discounts for existing FormCraft licensed users 🙂

      FormCraft isn’t really a dead product. My thoughts on FormCraft for WP were different when I wrote this post. I am more optimistic today. While I am not planning any major feature additions for WP, FormCraft continues to receive small updates, and fixes. I am planning to invest time in major feature addition as well, when I get some time from the online version.

  4. Steve Kelsey says:

    Hi Nishant,

    I have tried both the WP Plugin and the web service and the web service is great, just as fast as you promised and is a good way to go. However, I am pleased to hear you have some updates planned for the plugin as well.
    On further developments you may recall that I asked you about the ability to slice the results to meet custom reporting needs and the option to use different graphing styles. Is this something you might do one day?


    P.S. On emails I found they got filtered into my trash folder, just in case anyone else is having a problem its worth checking.

    1. NishantAgrawal says:


      I’m glad you liked it 🙂

      Yes, analytics need a lot of new features 🙂

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