How to Install a WordPress Plugin From CodeCanyon

Step One

Download the plugin from CodeCanyon. The zipped file will contain two folders – fluid_forms and Licensing. Extract the contents to a temporary location.

Edit: Depending on the plugin, the name of the former folder would be differentinstall plugin 3

Step Two

Zip the folder fluid_formsinstall plugin 2

Step Three

Now login to your WordPress admin panel, and go to Plugins -> Add New -> Uploadinstall plugin 1

  1. Click on Choose File and browse the zipped file fluid_forms and click on Install Now. Once installed, click on Activate Plugin. That’s it, we’re done.

7 thoughts on “How to Install a WordPress Plugin From CodeCanyon”

  1. DC Moreni says:

    Hi, i dont find the way to upgrade my NFORM pluging. I already download the new version but wordpress dont letme upgrade the file. thanks

    1. NishantAgrawal says:


      To upgrade, delete the files of the existing plugin and re-upload the updated version. You will not lose data.

  2. Claudio Lara says:

    Could not extract file from archive. fluid_forms/php/class.pop3.php

    What happend ?

    1. NishantAgrawal says:

      Please re-download the files and try again 🙂
      If it doesn’t work, contact our support

  3. Sandro D. Sacco says:

    Hi, i need your help – the forms/messages will not be send! …any idee?

    1. NishantAgrawal says:


      You can use the form on my CodeCanyon profile page to contact me. I’ll have a look 🙂

      1. Sandro D. Sacco says:

        thanks for the quick feedback – I solved the problem! 😉

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