Introducing the New FormCraft

I am happy to announce the first beta version of the new FormCraft – almost a month ahead of schedule. If you had signed up for beta access, you would have received an email by now.

If you didn’t signup, but would like to use the beta anyways, shoot me an email – nish at ncrafts dot net.



Re-Building FormCraft for WordPress

FormCraft for WordPress was first released in August, 2013 – it’s been over one-year-and-half since. I launched FormCraft 2.0 in June, 2014. It introduced new features, but it wasn’t path-breaking.

I started work onĀ FormCraft 3.0 a few weeks back. To be honest, it isn’t fair to call it 3.0, since I am re-building FormCraft from a scratch.



Where to Find the Purchase Code of Items

  1. Login to CodeCanyon, and click on the Downloads tab. Here, you can see a list of all plugins you have purchased.
    purchase code 2
  2. Open the file and look for the purchase code
    purchase code

The Future of FormCrafts

WordPress plugins are a great platform, but it’s not suited for large, scalable applications. When I started building nForms, I didn’t realise any of these limitations. Building FormCraft, I started hitting impediments.

I started spending a lot of time in fixing compatibility issues, dealing with poorly coded themes, providing backward compatibility, and making the plugin work across WordPress versions, PHP versions, PHP settings, web servers, jQuery versions etc … I realised that the time I spent developing the plugin became less. Too many things to fix. Needless to say, there are performance issues as well. It’s sad to see customers suffer. It’s time to move on.


Why Flat Design Doesn’t Work, While Skeuomorphism Does

At first look, flat design always look appeasing, because it can be easily processed by your brain. Color and space are pretty much the only thing separating the elements. Skeuomorphism, however, requires your brain to process a lot more information: color, space, shades, contour, shadow, etc …


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